Friendship, sweet friendship


claude Sarraute

Is it you, my little Sophie? It's Emma. I call to take news. It did not seem to go, the other night at the Martin, report to your guy. That's arranged?

- Yes, it was nothing, we had a little argument, that's all.

- A little much, yes! I thought he wanted to shoot himself.

- Would have liked you, huh? Well, no, sorry, it's not yet for that blow.

- Why are you telling me that? It is very disparaging.

- Listen, Emma, ​​not you, not me, not that. You've always loved me steak way, well bleeding. No, it's true, you only manifest yourself when you believe me in the shit.

- Normal, right? Friends, it's done for that, to console, to cheer up when things go wrong.

- Not only, but hey, let's move on. With Didier, in any case, reassure yourself, everything is bathed.

- All the better. So, when is marriage?

- I do not know. We've only been together for a few months, I'll tell you, we have plenty of time to see you coming.

- Maybe, but if I were you, I would not be too late. A man is better than ... And since you've never been able to keep anyone ...

- Not the same as you, huh? With poor old Roger too ...

- Too much love to refuse me anything, yes, perfectly.

Including two wonderful kids.

- Except that the senior is still in bed.

- Only since the birth of the baby. It will pass him. Say, about baby, maybe you should go there, otherwise it will be too late.

- Wait! I'm only 34 years old.

- That's what I say. You do not rejuvenate. In addition, it seems that women who are deeply involved in their work have a hard time conceiving. Well, that makes me think, did you get this promotion?

- No, it came under my nose, question of seniority, but ...

- Oh, my poor darling, it's too unfair! Why did not you tell me? As I know you, it must have made you sick!

- No, not at all. It will be for next time, the management has promised me.

- Yeah, well, in your place, I would not count too much. You know what, you should come to breakfast in the countryside Sunday in eight. With Didier ... If he's still here. You will see a little what is a real family life.

- Sorry, but we're already caught. We will spend the weekend at Luc Besson.

- As you wish. It was with good heart.

- That, I do not doubt it! "