"At school, we hear about sex, never fun"


Diane Saint-Réquier: Knowing what the clitoris is helps to understand pleasure. Some penetrations grow on the bulbs of the vestibule of the clitoris, which grow on the roots and bring pressure up to the level of the glans, the innervated part. Everything is connected.

Léa: In sex education, we are told about the rules, condoms, emergency contraception ... We are talking about sex, never fun!

Oriane: It is because we speak only of procreation.

Diane Saint-Réquier: Sexuality, especially feminine, is often approached via a "empowering" approach; the girl must not become pregnant, must control or curb the desire that men will carry on them ...

Leah: How many times my father was able to say to me: "Do not dress sexy!" I wanted to kill him ...

Oriane: It's because we want to police girls about the way they dress, rather than make boys responsible for their so-called sexual urges. It is very annoying as a social convention.

If I tell you sex and feelings: dissociable or inseparable?

Oriane: Dissociable. One can have sex without feelings, such as having feelings and not having sex. Personally, I have always made love to people I loved and it adds something. It's not like I have an Instagram filter in front of my eyes, but almost. I find my partner very beautiful, I'm glad she gives herself to me, and vice versa. It adds to the beauty of the thing, but I do not exclude later being able to make love without feelings.

Leah: Me, I have trouble conceiving love without sex. Whenever I feel love, there is always sexual tension. By cons, I can have a sexual tension without feeling anything for the person.

Manon, how would you like it, your first time?

Manon: I want to trust the person. But not until doing it with a simple friend. I would prefer it to be someone I do not know at all. I never had a boyfriend. I am not very sociable. Relationships, that's not my concern.

Diane Saint-Réquier: In your opinion, are there any practices that can only be achieved with a person of whom one is in love or, conversely, with someone for whom would not have feelings?

Oriane: For example, humiliating things? It depends a lot on his partner and his self-confidence.We can be in love and refuse certain positions because we are afraid of the image we are going to refer to ourselves. I would have more trouble with someone I do not know. I would be afraid to screw up, not to be comfortable and to be useless.

Leah: Same. Unless the guy offers me something that tempts me, I stay in my comfort zone.

Diane Saint-Réquier: Question indiscrete, are you masturbating?

Oriane: Yes.

Manon: Yes.

Leah: Frankly, not too much.

Have you ever reached orgasm this way?

Oriane: Always. It's just a way to have fun. I feel good after, so it's cool.

Leah: Me, I never managed to take pleasure alone. I have a hard time being in mood ... and I never wanted to watch porn alone.

Oriane: I understand you. I do not like how girls are represented. Whether in lesbian or straight porn. The girl is still hyper sexualized, the guy hyper virilized, with a huge cock. There is no desire, connection between partners. It's just sport. I do not look at it because I do not want it to change my vision of sex.

Manon: Me too that makes me feel uncomfortable. Even if I have never had sex, I tell myself that this is not how it happens.

Diane Saint-Réquier: Do you feel that your emotional and sexual life is very different from your parents' age?

Leah: I think they had a much more unbridled sexuality than mine.

Manon: My mother was born in Laos, it was war, she took care mostly of her family. I do not think his sex life was very interesting. We talk about it a bit when we are with my family, with my cousins. The guys in Laos, they fuck a lot, they have several women, lots of children hidden ... It's weird. But I do not think it affects me.

Oriane: There may be a social pressure that makes you fuck more and more early. It can be dangerous for influenceable people. We should no longer talk to each other about sexuality, romantic relationships. It would trivialize them, it would avoid that we get a wrong idea. Boys should be educated to fight against sexism. And stop telling girls that they have to dress differently. When I talk to people my age, I feel like the big lesbian feminist who has hair under the arms and who dyed them in pink ... Feminism, in the people of my age, it sounds like a big word. In any case, it's not so bad to fuck early if you're ready. I was 14 years old and I do not regret at all. And having a fulfilling sex life at 17, I do not regret it either.